Effective Virtual Presenting and Meetings
August 19
Online / Zoom Webinar
1:00p Eastern Time
Marsha Redmon

Marsha Redmon (https://marsha.com/aboutis a former practicing attorney and award-winning journalist who specializes in teaching lawyers (https://marsha.com/workshops)  and other professionals how to communicate most effectively with clients, the media and each other. For 20 years, Marsha has coached lawyers and other professionals to get the business and recognition they want through presentation and public speaking skills, media interviews, pitching and messaging workshops. She has delivered virtual presentation skills workshops for lawyers and accountants at a large government agency for 3 years.

Marsha’s experience spans broadcast news reporting, law, and graduate level teaching.

  • She was an award-winning consumer and investigative reporter on television
  • She practiced law at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and at a litigation boutique
  • She taught Business Communications to MBA students at the Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
  • Wednesday August 19, 2020
1:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Effective Virtual Presenting and Meetings for Lawyers

Do you feel really awkward presenting or pitching virtually? Do you wonder what is ‘off’ about your virtual persona? In this workshop Marsha Redmon will cover how lawyers can present virtually and communicate effectively with the same level of professionalism they have in person. Projecting presence and engaging with your audience is especially hard virtually. We have specific tips to make you look better, feel more comfortable and be more effective.

Topics include:

  • Demo: Virtual persona check-up with two volunteers
  • Use Marsha’s virtual persona checklist to assess and improve your virtual persona, including camera angle, audio, lighting, background, and eye contact
  • How to communicate with energy to engage your audience and project authority, confidence and enthusiasm
  • Three virtual messaging strategies to be more concise and keep attention in this highly distractible environment
  • How to manage meetings virtually: get people engaged, stay on topic, stay on time, invite collaboration and participation, and moderate larger meetings
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