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If you're dealing with opposing counsel who expect your legal teams to virtually prepare witnesses and defend ... depositions during the current pandemic, here are some select case citing resources to support a stay of discovery or deferral of depositions.

[Webinar] Coronavirus Was Unexpected, but Is It Force Majeure? - April 9th, 10:00 am - 11:00 am PT ...

Mississippi Issues Shelter-in-Place Order. Read what you need to know here: ...

Businesses that rely on service supply chains are experiencing #COVID19’s impact. This White Paper, written by John ... Shapiro, highlights key issues and strategies you can use to protect your company and its supply relationships. Learn more here:

Our NY mandatory sick leave alert is updated to reflect amendments made prior to the law’s passage and interplay with ... requirements imposed by federal COVID-19 sick leave legislation. Read the latest: #employmentlaw

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