Why the Network

When I am in areas of the country that I’m unfamiliar with, The Trial Network gives me reassurance and validation of the quality of the lawyers in those areas. That’s the genius of the Network."
—John Cochrane, General Counsel, RAZOR USA

About the Trial Network

Since 1993, The Trial Network has been harnessing the power of relationships among the nation’s leading trial law firms.

Via a thorough vetting process, and by invitation only, we have fostered a tightly-knit group of preeminent lawyers from key jurisdictions who can confidently rely on one another to deliver exceptional results and service to clients. Now totaling over 5000 attorneys at 23 independent law firms practicing in over 120 offices throughout the United States, The Trial Network’s member firms are consistently recognized by leading industry publications as dominant in their respective practice areas.

Our focus on creating business development opportunities is second to none. Our signature world-class Litigation Management SuperCourses bring together thought leaders on cutting-edge litigation topics with clients for comprehensive three-day CLE programs that highlight our members’ expertise while facilitating the development of trusted advisor relationships among our members and their clients.

Officers & Directors

Bobby Hood, Jr.

2021 Chair
Hood Law Firm
PHONE: 843.577.4435

Amy Sorenson

2021 Vice Chair
Snell & Wilmer
PHONE: 801.257.1907

David Suchar

2021 Treasurer
PHONE: 612.672.8321

Diane Averell

2021 Secretary
Porzio Bromberg & Newman
PHONE: 973.889.4150

Tony Rospert

2021 Officer at Large
Thompson Hine
PHONE: 216.566.5861

Nikki Nesbitt

Past Chair
Goodell DeVries Leech & Dann
PHONE: 410.783.4026

Felice C. Wagner

Executive Director and General Counsel
PHONE: 954.734.6065

Edd M. Schillay

Director of Operations
PHONE: 914.332.4400

2020 Leading Regional Law Firm Network in the United States

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