WIN Society Summit 2024
September 18 - 20
Windsor Court Hotel
New Orleans, LA

Lawyers are experiencing burnout at record rates because they 1) think feeling exhausted is part of the job, 2) don’t have time to figure out what to do about it, or 3) don’t know where to start to prevent it. Achieving success and experiencing joy don’t have to be mutually exclusive. This program will help you realize that you can have both. 

This highly interactive session, provides a roadmap to help you to: 

  • Understand and avoid the three components of burnout 
  • Break free from negativity and embrace a joyful mindset 
  • Identify your personal values to guide life decisions 
  • Discover you “most joyous” strengths to enhance work satisfaction 
  • Embrace hobbies to help you unplug and recharge 
  • Understand the critical role of stress and sleep in maximizing performance 
  • Foster healthy relationships and distance yourself from toxic connections 
  • Rejuvenate with guilt-free “ME” time every week. 

You will leave this session with 1) an accurate view of burnout and ways to mitigate or avoid it, 2) best practices and tips from others for how to manage the daily pressures of legal practice, 3) a deeper understanding of personal priorities and needs, 4) action steps that you can take to feel more fulfilled in work and life.