WIN Society Summit 2024
September 18 - 20
Windsor Court Hotel
New Orleans, LA

Lawyers are experiencing burnout at record rates because they think feeling exhausted is part of the job, don’t have time to figure out what to do about it, or don’t know where to start to prevent it. Achieving success and experiencing joy don’t have to be mutually exclusive. This program will help you realize that you can have both. 

This highly-interactive session provides a roadmap to help you to: 

– Understand and avoid the three components of burnout

– Break free from negativity and embrace a joyful mindset

– Identify your personal values to guide life decisions

– Discover your “most joyous” strengths to enhance work satisfaction 

You will leave this session with: 

1. an accurate view of burnout and ways to mitigate or avoid it,

2. best practices and tips from others for how to manage the daily pressures of legal practice,

3. a deeper understanding of personal priorities and needs, and

4. action steps that you can take to feel more fulfilled in work and life. 

Tracy LaLonde

Tracy LaLonde is burnout’s worst enemy and your firm’s ticket to workforce engagement mastery.

With over 30 years of experience in training, consulting, and professional development, Tracy LaLonde is on a mission to change the way firms engage with their teams.

Her comprehensive courses, captivating keynotes and practical guidance, backed by cutting-edge research, make a lasting impact on lawyers and business professionals alike, propelling them to new heights of success.

From her early days developing and delivering training in the consulting industry to her transition to the legal field in 2000, Tracy’s career has always been focused on helping others grow. As a professional development leader in three AmLaw 100 firms and then a partner in a consulting firm teaching lawyers how to develop business, Tracy has seen firsthand the transformative power of effective training and guidance.

In 2020, Tracy decided to refocus her efforts to help high-achieving lawyers and firms improve their work lives. She began with the publication of her groundbreaking book, The Joychiever Journey: Alleviate Burnout and Design Your Life for More Joy. This insightful roadmap helps individuals cultivate a better work-life balance, setting the stage for a happier and more fulfilling career.


Program Agenda

  • Wednesday September 18, 2024
  • Thursday September 19, 2024
  • Friday September 20, 2024
6:00p - 9:00p

Cocktail Reception and Dinner at the Windsor Court Hotel


Group Breakfast


Understanding Burnout and Survey Discussion

Burnout is a concept that has been studied since the 1980s. Most people think that burnout is all about exhaustion, which is only partially true. Burnout can also involve cynicism and inefficacy. This segment will give participants a full understanding of what burnout entails and how it manifests. 


An Overview of The Joychiever Journey and True Self Stops

Many high achieving individuals believe they must have success before they can have happiness. Productivity, discipline, determination, sacrifice and perseverance become the norm, and joy is postponed until goals or milestones are achieved. Unfortunately, the dark side of achieving—feeling stuck, stressed, exhausted, anxious and depressed—can feel like destiny. 


Discussion: True Self Stop

With the surveys in hand, participants will break into small groups to discuss the results of their surveys and realizations they may have at this point in the program. Discussion will be guided by a set of table questions. 


Refreshment Break


True Self Stop Mini-Dive: Values Village

Values are the undercurrent upon which an individual makes all decisions—career, job, partner, free time, family, etc. Yet, most individuals have little to no clarity of what their values actually are. This mini dive segment will explore how values operate in a person’s life utilizing scenarios and provide participants the opportunity to complete the Work Values Inventory (see appendix). There will also be time to share reactions to their inventory results in small groups. 


True Self Stop Mini-Dive: Strengths Mountain

Everyone is good at something (or even many things). Each time a person uses a skill, there is a burst of positivity. But two problems can occur: 1) There can be a lack of clarity of which of those strengths the person actually enjoys, and/or 2) There isn’t enough opportunity to use those most enjoyed strengths on the job. In fact, 51% of workers say they use their strengths “about once a week.” 


Group Lunch


True Self Stop Mini-Dive: Body Beach

Without a well-functioning body, there is no life; so, therefore, there is no joy. Stress management, sleep and exercise are key activities in keeping the body humming so our lives can be thriving.  This mini dive will involve a “panel of their peers” to discuss common stress, sleep and exercise issues and techniques or hacks they use to work on them. 


True Self Stop Mini-Dive: Relationship Harbor

Relationships are a key driver for longevity and joy. In fact, an 85-year study from Harvard shows that “good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.” While there is an entire industry about finding the right “love” relationships, less effort or thought is afforded to friendships and the impact they have on your joy levels. The key is to cultivate friendships that are joy-inducing rather than joy-robbing. In this mini dive, we will share 7 components of great relationships and enable participants to evaluate 3-5 of their “inner circle” friends. 


Key Takeaways / End Day One


Group Cocktails and Dinner at Arnaud's


Group Breakfast


Ask & Give Ritual

In the large group, each participant will submit an “ask” for a professional favor, support, or assistance, as well as a “give” she can offer to address another’s request.


Action Planning Sessions

Participants will create an action plan for steps they want to take moving forward. They will also identify a Joychiever accountability partner with whom they will schedule monthly or bi-monthly follow-up meetings.


Refreshment Break


Large Group Debrief


Closing Comments